Small stories about Stijntje

I like liminal spaces. Parking lots, vehicles like trains, cars, bikes. When at a party I like the kitchen, the balcony or the bathroom spaces. 

I love poetry. Besides writing songs, I write poems. In Dutch, English, French...

I have a mailing list and send them updates about artistic discoveries, my music and thoughts or ideas that keep me occupied. Leave your e-mail address if you want to join the list.

I never truly feel at home somewhere. Or I feel at home everywhere. Let's put it this way; being on the road, switching from place to place, keeps me refreshed and inspired. Traveling is important. Even when it's only within cities.

I study songwriting in Rotterdam, at Codarts Conservatory of Music.

I keep a playlist with my favorite songs and artists. Artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Beach House, Kate Bush, La Femme, Sylvie Kreusch, Tamino, Stevie Wonder, Blonde Redhead, David Bowie, Odezenne, Billy Joel, Air, Nabyla Maan, and Tears For Fears. You can find it on my Spotify page under the name 'Stijn's amours'.

I speak French, Dutch and English, and cannot wait to learn German, Italian and Korean. 

I live in Amsterdam. I deeply love and appreciate this city.

I always wanted to be a mermaid as a kid. I discovered I am an Aquarius, and it all makes sense now.

I am so, so thankful for my family and friends.

I work at an apple pie café. It is called Winkel 43, in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. Besides this beautiful place, I tend to frequent as many café's as possible. I love writing, drinking coffees, beers or wines, talking to strangers, ending up at new places, in wonderful conversations. To me, café's are a good compensation for the digital age. It is a social hub in real life.

I rarely buy clothes. At least, now. Things might change.

I interned for Jason Evigan.

I am afraid of spiders, alienating feelings, chaos and my allergies.

I love dancing and theater. Still contemplating on how to add those passions to my music.

Thank you for reading this :)