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"Wat Stijn maakt is niet zo maar een Nederlandstalig liedje en al helemaal niet onder dertien in een dozijn. Dit is anders. Eerlijk. Er zijn veel Nederlandstalige liedjes, maar dit is er weer één van het kaliber juweeltje."
- 3voor12 Noord-Holland

"She has an incredible energy"
- Jason Evigan

"She brings positivity and energy to the studio."
- Gian Stone

Stijn invites you to inhabit her inner and outer world to take a look around. You'll meet Anger, Frustration and Vulnerability. You'll meet Love, Magic and Wonder.

Her melodies are refreshing and sometimes unexpected, her harmonies and use of sound and instruments are well curated as she takes an intuitive approach on her songwriting.

Her French and American touch combined with her down-to-earth Dutch identity are surprisingly pleasant.

Stijn lights up the stage with her genuine and loving presence. The all-accepting messages in her songs carry a beautiful energy.

Big inspirations are Rufus Wainwright, Kate Bush, Jockstrap, Lana del Rey, Joost Klein, Tamino, Sylvie Kreusch and Fred Again...

The experience of the audience shifts between emotional and deep reactions, onto light-hearted and danceable atmospheres. Do not get fooled by her timid smiles, she is a powerful force, about to change your perspective on life and love. 

What did I do in my life ever ?????

- I wrote the song "This Is The World To Me" for a price-winning IDFA documentary when I was 14 years old.
- I released an entire album at age 16 ('Simple' - Stijn)
- I organised my own first concert / album release at age 16 in Zaal 100, Amsterdam 
- I performed and was interviewed in French tv-program “Vivement Dimanche’ with 1,5 million people watching at age 17
- I got accepted into the songwriting bachelor at Codarts Conservatory of the Arts at age 19
- We sold out the Bovenzaal Paradiso with two other beginning artists at age 20
- I did an internship at Jason Evigan's studio in LA at age 21
- I released my first two Dutch singles at age 21

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Stijntje Booij
[email protected]
+31 640505605